by Robert Désiré Doualamou, youth volunteer at AGBEF (Association Guinéenne pour le Bien-Etre Familial)

Abortion today is a rather delicate subject in most African countries, people do not speak much about it and the subject has become almost taboo in many African societies. Abortion can be defined as the voluntary termination of a pregnancy.

Many teenage girls have to seek abortions outside of the law, because of abortion-related stigma. To avoid being stigmatized and discriminated against in their communities, these girls who are find themselves in unplanned pregnancies practice unsafe abortion, which, of course, has detrimental consequences on their sexual and biological health and can even lead to death

In view of all this, as part of the “Choice, not crime, voice and action to save” project, the AGBEF Youth Action Movement organized orientation workshops for young leaders and mentors on the theme: ‘the consequences of abortion-related stigma’.


Group work sessions were conducted during the training period in order to better assimilate the different themes that were discussed relating to abortion and socio-cultural values.

The main goal of this workshop was to make the population aware of the various stigma-related issues, and the repercussions that this can have on young people, especially young girls, through educational talks, awareness-raising sessions as well as door-to-door activities taking place in the different communes of Conakry, in Guinea.

At the end of this workshop, commitments were made by the participants to raise awareness about the consequences of stigma related to abortion, but these sensitizations are much emphasized on the factors that cause unwanted pregnancies. Because we cannot talk about abortion without pregnancy, so one of the key themes of awareness will be unwanted pregnancies. The mentors who took part in the training are responsible for supporting the young leaders in this fight.